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“The first time I tasted Alkaline water I knew I needed a machine of my own. I found and purchased a Life Ionizer!”
Anthony Anderson, Professional Actor
“I got my Life Ionizer when I heard about the amazing benefits of alkaline water. I have the energy I need to keep up with my busy schedule, and I feel great!”
Debra Messing, Professional Actress
“Life Ionizers water filters/alkalizers enable me to stay on top of my game throughout both my arduous season and off-season cycles...”
Barry Zito, MLB Pitcher
“I take my health seriously, I eat the healthiest foods, work hard every day in the gym, and now I drink the healthiest water.”
Mýa, Recording Artist

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     Wholesale price (up to $1,500 off!)
     Chlorine-removing shower-head filter ($39 value)
     2.2 liter BPA-free bottle
     One-year gold alkaline lifestyle membership
     Alkaline lifestyle study course with 6 eBooks
     12 month video guide for alkaline living

     30 Day money back guarantee
     Lifetime warranty on parts & labor 
(MXL-9 & Up)
     Industry leading certifications
     Physicians desk reference
     In business since 1996
     Highest rated customer support

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Reg. $1997

Reg. $2597

Reg. $2997

Reg. $3497

Reg. $3997





Reg. $2497

Reg. $2997


Reg. $3497



Reg. $3997

Reg. $4497




The Life 'Super' Pre-Filter Set!

Extremely effective against hard water, and guaranteed to remove fluoride, lead, arsenic, heavy metals, hard water scale, chlorine, chloramines, fine sediment, VOC's, iron, nitrates, taste, odor, sand, silt, rust, inorganic compounds like pesticides and herbicides... and more! Maintain essential alkaline minerals on continous flow for up to 2000 gallons or approximately one year. Recently re-tuned to eliminate even more pharmaceuticals and that nasty chromium 6!

Optional Extras

LAZER Energy Technology  ..................................................................  Reg. $300     |     GSG Price: $200

Bio-resonant laser technology used to erase negative frequencies from water and reprogram it with healing frequencies.

XL Matrix GRID Plate Technology  ....................................................  Reg. $150     |     GSG Price: $100

Life’s new high efficiency XL Matrix GRID plates produce the highest pH and antioxidant ORP levels you can get in a home ionizer at full flow rates.

Industrial-Sized Ultraviolet XL Technology  ...................................  Reg. $150     |     GSG Price: $100

UV light that is essential as an insurance for water municipality failure and possible mold/bacteria buildup. The only EPA certified way of eliminating viruses, parasitic cysts and more without the use of chemicals!

Energy Frequency Technology  ...........................................................  Reg. $150     |     GSG Price: $100

Add 205 positive frequencies to every glass of water you drink.

'Super' Pre-filtration Filter Set  ...........................................................  Reg. $290     |     GSG Price: $190

Life Ionizers will determine if this is necessary based on your local water quality report, contaminants, water concerns, and more.

Pick any THREE upgrades at a cost of $199, or all four upgrades for only $299!

LAZER Energy Technology not included.

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Tax & Shipping  | Shipping costs will vary from $20 - $60 based on customer location, shipping once your unit has been configured is 10-14 business days. Sales tax applies to CA residents only. Delivery of your unit requires a signature.

Return Policy  | Normally Life Ionizers does not offer a return policy when models are sold with wholesale pricing. For Green Smoothie Girl customers only, we are providing you a 30-day return policy which includes a 15% restocking fee.

Warranty  | All warranties are handled through Life Ionizers, to read more about specific warranties you can visit the model information page. The MXL-9 model & up have guaranteed lifetime warranties on both parts and labor.

Water Analysis  | Life will customize your ionizer based on local water quality readings. The filtration as well as ionizer settings will be uniquely adjusted to match your needs. We are the only company to provide this service. Your ionizer may be re-calibrated free of charge (shipping excluded) if you move or the quality of your water requires it.

Ongoing Costs  | There are 2 internal filters inside each ionizer. Filter #1 is rated to last through 1,000 gallons of water and Filter #2 is rated to last through 2,000 gallons. For most households this means changing once per year on average. Total filter cost when broken down is just pennies a day.

Installation  |  For the overwhelming majority of our customers, the ionzier installation process is not difficult. Most customers install their own systems, however you are more than welcome to hire a professional, but plumbers are not necessary! Our support page provides manuals, cut-sheets, quick-install guides, and much more. Tech support is also available during business hours.

Canadian & International Customers | Please call Thai directly at 877-494-6170 to determine the best way to order your unit with exclusive Green Smoothie Girl group pricing.

Alkaline Lifestyle 'Healthy Option' Green Smoothies & Health Drinks eBook
Alkaline Lifestyle Home Study Course (Includes 5 eBooks)
2.2 Liter BPA-Free

 Reusable bottle

Rainshow'r CQ-1000DS Shower Filter
12 Month Video Guide for Alkaline Living
One year Alkaline Lifestyle Gold Membership

All of this PLUS my Big Book of Green Smoothies! What are you waiting for?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Ionizers

Q) Does this need to be installed by a plumber?

A) No, the installation process is pretty easy. We provide an installation manual, as well as live phone & chat support to walk you through every step. Get an idea for the installation process by visiting our resources on the support page.

Q) Is there a possibility of a dangerous malfunction - like a leak or electrical issues?

A) The Life Ionizer will automatically shut off if there is a malfunction. It only uses as much power as a large light bulb so it doesn’t really have the potential to be dangerous. The only time it would leak would be if the connections are not installed properly which you would know immediately. You are more than welcome to have one of our technicians walk you through the installation process over the phone.

Q) Will the alkaline water be neutralized by the stomach acid once it enters the body?

A) Nope! Here's a quick explanation straight from our blog:

Q) What is the return policy?

A) We do not normally offer returns on wholesale orders. However, through this Green Smoothie Girl promotion, we are offering a 30-day trial period. If you decide to return the unit, there will be a 15% restocking fee plus shipping.

Q) Will it remove fluoride?

A) Yes, and that's just the beginning. Our customized filtration sets the industry standard and are primed to and ready to tackle the harshest contaminants from any water source, that includes arsenic, lead, mercury, chlorine, and much more!

Q) How about flow rate, how quickly can it fill an 8 oz. glass?

A) The ionizer can fill an 8 oz. glass in just a few seconds. It takes about 2-3 minutes to fill 1 gallon. If you are using a reverse osmosis system with the ionizer then the flow rate takes about twice as long. Slower flow rate actually produces stronger properties in the water. The Life Ionizer has an electronic flow rate control which allows you to adjust the rate depending on your preference.

Q) Can I use my 5-Stage RO? Or do I need to buy yours?

A) You can absolutely use an existing RO unit with our ionizers, however because the purpose of an RO is to strip all minerals from the water, you will need to install a 'remineralizer' just after your RO and before your ionizer.

Q) How do I order one?

A) Give us a call or fill out an order form online! When you purchase a Life Ionizer through the Green Smoothie Girl Group Buy, you not only get the best deal possible but also support our mission through an affiliate compensation. I work with and recommend only the best companies, and products I use myself!

When you drink it on an empty stomach, alkaline water will pass right through your stomach and into your intestines. Clinical testing of alkaline water shows that drinking alkaline water increases the pH of your stomach by .5 – 1 pH. Alkaline water does not trigger the production of stomach acid because water doesn’t need to be digested. Alkaline water can even neutralize some acidity in the stomach due to it's "Tum's effect". Clinical tests conducted in Japan showed that 88% of digestive upset sufferers reported partial or full relief of their symptoms by drinking alkaline water.

Alkaline water benefits your colon in two ways; it improves colon hydration and supports the growth of beneficial probiotic microflora. A growing body of research shows that many diseases begin in the gut. Those diseases are caused by harmful bacteria. Alkaline water helps support the beneficial probiotic microbes in your gut, and helps suppress the bad bacteria. A Life Ionizer also filters out the chlorine in your water that has been linked to colon tumors.

Parts of your digestive tract are pH sensitive, and that’s why alkaline water has an effect on your digestive health. The stomach and intestines are both pH sensitive, when their pH balance is healthy, when you eat, each organ triggers the release of enzymes that either help digest and absorb nutrients from your food. Alkaline water also has an important benefit for people who suffer from gastroesophageal reflux (GERD). It inactivates pepsin, the enzyme that triggers the damage of GERD. Drinking alkaline water may help stop not only the pain, but also the damage, from GERD.