75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated

In a recent study, although the majority of Americans understood the importance of drinking water daily - approximately 75% of them fell short in drinking the medically recommended minimum of 10 cups of water a day. Are you one of them?

Reduce Blood Pressure

Control Blood Sugar
Lower Blood Cholesterol
Protect the Brain
Promote Liver & Kidney Health
Help You Lose Weight
Preserve Bone Health
pH & ORP Ratings: 
Benefits at a Glance
There are over 40 studies that document a wide range of health benefits that can come from drinking alkaline water. Combining high pH, negative ORP and molecular hydrogen makes some of the most powerfully potent water available today. Let’s go over a quick list of the most popular benefits of alkaline ionized water:

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What happens if you don't drink enough water?

If you often feel any or some of the following symptoms - you may be dehydrated:

  • Feeling lethargic or sleepy
  • Dry skin
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Decreased blood pressure
We have worked hard to make 2020 truly a year of breakout technology and performance in our ionizers. We confidently ensure you'll get the highest pH levels, highest antioxidant ORP levels, and the most hydrogen that you can get in a home water ionizer. Life’s new MXL Ionization technology delivers more  than you can get in any competing ionizer!

pH, Negative ORP & Hydration

Alkaline Water Studies & The Ionization Process

Think you may be dehydrated? Let's fix it!


Weight Loss








Effect of daily consumption of 2 liters of electrolyzed water for 2 months time.
Effect of daily consumption of 2 liters of electrolyzed water for 2 months
Given the same food, 3 groups of 50 mice received 3 types of water for 2 years.
Participants on average lost 12 pounds over the course of 2 months.
Average reduction in total cholesterol was 17mg/dl with the most significant reduction in triglyceride levels with a reduction of 32.8 mg/dl!
Examination of the mice’s internal organs from all three groups showed that the mice given alkaline water had much younger internal organs.

The Ionization Process Explained

Positively charged calcium and magnesium ions to pass through the membrane and become concentrated at the negatively charged plates. Calcium and magnesium are alkaline earth metals, they are responsible for giving the alkaline water, made by a water ionizer, its alkaline pH.

What is negative ORP?

Oxidation is caused by positively charged particles called radicals. These radicals are energetically unstable particles that grab electrons from wherever they can to neutralize their unstable charge. In your body, they grab those electrons from DNA and tissues. Not good!

Negatively charged water contains excess electrons which it readily gives to unstable radicals. This process stabilizes the radical.

Acidosis in our everyday lives

Acidosis, a chronic low pH level, is the very basis of why we have disease. The blood will always maintain its pH, within a very narrow range, or we die. Turning around our health must involve a shift to eating lots of alkaline foods --- like greens and herbs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes. But the easiest and fastest way to shift the pH of the body to a more alkaline state, is to drink alkaline ionized water. 

Think about this: If you are planning to add alkaline water to your daily diet, that means you will be drinking alkaline water for many years. A water ionizer is a wise choice because it will save you thousands of dollars over the cost of bottled alkaline water in the future!

Contains antioxidant potential

Adjustable pH for precision benefits

Price per day per person  (recommended water intake)*

Wasteful, harmful to the environment

May contain BPA

Produces fresh Alkaline water anytime

$8.00 / day

*Based on filter replacement costs annually for an owned Ionizer (not including water utility).

.44¢ / day

True Cost of Alkaline Bottled Water

Alkaline Bottled Water vs Life Ionizers MXL Series Water Ionizers

Tons of benefits. One machine.

Our Technology Never Stops Improving

That means you can feel confident in your purchase knowing that your machine has only the latest and greatest ionizer technology available. From plates to packaging, we ensure your unit is equipped with everything it needs. Take a quick look below at some of our latest upgrades and brand new tech!

New XL Power is perfectly matched to perform with XL Matrix GRID plates to produce the highest possible pH and antioxidant ORP levels with energy-saving efficiency
XL Matrix GRID
Life’s new XL Matrix GRID plates increase the efficiency of the ionization process by providing more edges for energy to transfer from the plates to the water.
XL Chambers
Our new large XL ionization chambers increase the pH and antioxidant ORP levels that Life Ionizers can produce.
You get more acid-fighting pH balance, and more age-fighting antioxidant potential in every glass of ionized alkaline water you drink!
One-Click Filters
Life moved the filters to the top of the machine, giving you easy access to the filters for filter changes - no tools needed!
Ultraviolet XL
A Life Ionizer exclusive that is the only EPA certified way of eliminating viruses, parasitic cysts and more without the use of chemicals.
Hydrogen XL
Life’s new Molecular Hydrogen XL technology enables Life to make more molecular hydrogen than all other brands of ionizer.
Custom Filtration
Every unit is configured by our water quality experts to filter the toxins found in your water quality report.









"There are more benefits to ‘alkaline water’ than simply the alkalinity or pH. The most important feature of alkaline water produced by a water alkalizer is its oxidation reduction potential (ORP)" ... 

"Damage to tissues results when free radicals strip these electrons from healthy cells. If the damage goes on unchecked, this will lead to disease." ... 

"The negative ions in alkaline water from an electrolysis machine are a rich source of electrons that can be donated to these free radicals in the body, neutralizing them and stopping them from damaging healthy tissues. Specifically, these ions have the potential to engage in the chemical reactions necessary to neutralize oxygen free radicals." ...

Ray Kurzweil

Google’s Chief Engineer, Award Winning Scientist & Author

The positive effects of alkaline water and it's anti-oxidant potential has been studied for years:

Study: Alkaline Water May Protect Brain Cells

Study: Alkaline Water Shown to Extend Lifespan

Study: Alkaline Water Improves Athletic Performance

Read MoreRead MoreRead More

Why do More Plates Matter?

Custom Filtration that Can't be Beat - In 3 Steps

Nearly a quarter of the US population are being served toxic tap water by their local water utility, according to a recently published study by the Natural Resources Defense Council. 

The contaminants found in the study include carcinogens like hexavalent chromium six, neurotoxins like lead and arsenic, and even nitrates that can be lethal to infants. Worse yet, many of these toxins are going unreported, so the affected people don’t even know what they're drinking!

Know the Water
Knowledge is power! After analyzing your water quality (provided by the EPA), we will put together a filter set designed specifically for you.
Custom Configuration
Knowledge is power! After analyzing your water quality (provided by the EPA), we will put together a filter set designed specifically for you.
Lab-Grade Filtration
BPA-free plastics and the highest quality filter media means you receive lab-tested and approved filtration. We even have independent lab results!
“The first time I tasted Alkaline water I knew I needed a machine of my own. I found and purchased a Life Ionizer!”
Anthony Anderson, Professional Actor
“I got my Life Ionizer when I heard about the amazing benefits of alkaline water. I have the energy I need to keep up with my busy schedule, and I feel great!”
Debra Messing, Professional Actress
“Life Ionizers water filters/alkalizers enable me to stay on top of my game throughout both my arduous season and off-season cycles...”
Barry Zito, MLB Pitcher
“I take my health seriously, I eat the healthiest foods, work hard every day in the gym, and now I drink the healthiest water.”
Mýa, Recording Artist

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A video full of benefits!

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Our 2022 MXL Series Ionizers at a Glance

Life MXL-5 Water Ionizer

Life MXL-7 Water Ionizer

Life MXL-9 Water Ionizer

Life MXL-11 Water Ionizer

Life MXL-13 Water Ionizer

Life MXL-15 Water Ionizer

Optional Upgrades & Group Buy Exclusives

Life Ionizers MXL-11 was originally designed just for doctors and health professionals. It produces the highest acidity-fighting pH and age-fighting antioxidant potential of any 11 plate ionizer made. The MXL-11 is one of the world’s most powerful home water ionizers, it’s high power means that it gives you more of the healthy benefits of alkaline water that you need for better health.

The Life MXL-5 is a reasonably-priced countertop water ionizer, but don’t let the low cost fool you, this is a machine packed with power and features that you won’t find in many mid-range machines costing thousands of dollars more. The MXL-5 makes ionized alkaline water with the perfect pH balance for daily drinking, and with lots of age-defying antioxidant potential, that is rich in molecular hydrogen.

The  MXL-7 water ionizer combines 7 huge titanium platinum coated plates with up to 450 watts of power to create the strongest alkaline water in it’s class! No matter the pH of your source water, the MXL-7 will produce the highest quality alkaline and acidic water possible. The 7 plate water ionizer that crushes the competition... No other 7 plate water ionizer can compete with the performance, water purity, or warranty.

The MXL-9 gives you top of the line benefits at a mid-range price. Enjoy complete, worry-free ownership with the full Lifetime Warranty that includes parts and labor. Enjoy alkaline water for life!The SMPS technology powers the plates with a steady beat that has been shown to avoid power and pH degradation, unlike other low-tech transformer water ionizers.

Wholesale pricing available on order page.

The MXL-13 outperforms all other brands; You get the highest antioxidant potential and the highest flow rate - 5 to 6 liters per minute - possible in a home water ionizer. The MXL-13's thirteen plate design, and larger capacity inflow and outflow manifolds means that it can fill large containers fast, about 50% faster than any other ionizer while maintaining high antioxidant potential.

The Life MXL-15 is the world’s most powerful home water ionizer. It has 15 plates and over 800 Watts of power, giving it the ability to produce pH and antioxidant ORP levels that other ionizers can’t reach. The MXL-15’s large ionization chamber and high power enables it to make more molecular hydrogen than any other ionizer on the market. If you want the very best water ionizer made, the Life MXL-15 is your machine.

Everybody knows that alkaline water from a water ionizer is good for you, and that it can help you with tough health challenges. Fewer people understand what the specific qualities of alkaline water are that actually help with your health. There are four qualities of alkaline water made by any water ionizer that determine how much that water will benefit your health:

  • Alkalinity – How good is the water at fighting acidity?
  • Antioxidant Potential – How good is the water at fighting harmful oxidation?
  • Essential Minerals – How much beneficial calcium and magnesium does the water provide?
  • Molecular Hydrogen - How much molecular hydrogen is in the water?

Life’s new XL Ionization technology increases the amounts you get of all four healthy qualities of alkaline water. You simply get more of what makes alkaline water healthy from a Life Ionizer MXL Series water ionizer than you do from any other competing ionizer.

5-Stage Reverse Osmosis …………………………………………………….….. $299 (REG. $499)

Remineralizer …………………………………………………………..…………….... $75

Super Pre-Filter System ……………………………………………………….….. $189.97

Life XL Matrix GRID Technology ………………………………………..….... $100

Life Ultraviolet XL Technology ………………….…………………………...... $100 (REG. $150)

Life Energy Frequency Technology ……………………………………......... $100 (REG. $150)

Life LASER Technology ………………………………………………………..…... $200 (REG. $300)

SHIPPING …………………………………………………………………..……………. APPROX. $30 


Exclusive group-buy incentives, free with your new Ionizer!

2.2 Liter BPA-Free

 Reusable bottle

Life Ionizers

Shower Filter

Alkaline Lifestyle Home Study Course (Includes 5 eBooks)
12 Month Video Guide for Alkaline Living

Alkaline Lifestyle 'Healthy Option' Green Smoothies & Health Drinks eBook

Still can't decide between countertop or undercounter? Our MXL-7 models and up are convertible! That means you can convert your counter top model to under counter & reclaim your kitchen counter space! Don't stoop below the sink, this faucet has full Ionizer control right on top! Just remember, upgrading at a later time will be more expensive than taking advantage of the Dr. Mike Grego's prices.

Under the counter is always an option!

Every MXL Series Model includes:

  • Convertible option: countertop or undercounter
  • 8 levels: 4 alkaline, 3 acidic, 1 purified
  • Large multicolor LCD display
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Voice prompts
  • Graphite face and dark gray body
  • Advanced RADC automatic cleaning
  • Built-in pH indicator
  • Digital flow rate control
  • SMPS energy efficient power conversions in water ionizers produces better quality water and extends system life
  • Adjustable amperage for the perfect pH setting

Watch & learn: Our Convertible Models


Frequently Asked Questions About Water Ionizers

Q) Does this need to be installed by a plumber?

A) No, the installation process is pretty easy. We provide an installation manual, as well as live phone & chat support to walk you through every step. Get an idea for the installation process by visiting our resources on the support page.

Q) Is there a possibility of a dangerous malfunction - like a leak or electrical issues?

A) The Life Ionizer will automatically shut off if there is a malfunction. It only uses as much power as a large light bulb so it doesn’t really have the potential to be dangerous. The only time it would leak would be if the connections are not installed properly which you would know immediately. You are more than welcome to have one of our technicians walk you through the installation process over the phone.

Q) Will the alkaline water be neutralized by the stomach acid once it enters the body?

A) Nope! Here's a quick explanation straight from our blog:

Q) What is the return policy?

A) We do not normally offer returns on wholesale orders. However, through this Dr. Mike Grego promotion, we are offering a 30-day trial period. If you decide to return the unit, there will be a 15% restocking fee plus shipping.

Q) Will it remove fluoride?

A) Yes, and that's just the beginning. Our customized filtration sets the industry standard and are primed to and ready to tackle the harshest contaminants from any water source, that includes arsenic, lead, mercury, chlorine, and much more!

Q) How about flow rate, how quickly can it fill an 8 oz. glass?

A) The ionizer can fill an 8 oz. glass in just a few seconds. It takes about 2-3 minutes to fill 1 gallon. If you are using a reverse osmosis system with the ionizer then the flow rate takes about twice as long. Slower flow rate actually produces stronger properties in the water. The Life Ionizer has an electronic flow rate control which allows you to adjust the rate depending on your preference.

Q) Can I use my 5-Stage RO? Or do I need to buy yours?

A) You can absolutely use an existing RO unit with our ionizers, however because the purpose of an RO is to strip all minerals from the water, you will need to install a 'remineralizer' just after your RO and before your ionizer.

Q) How do I order one?

A) Give us a call or fill out an order form online! When you purchase a Life Ionizer through the Dr. Mike Grego Group Buy, you not only get the best deal possible but also support our mission through an affiliate compensation. I work with and recommend only the best companies, and products I use myself!

When you drink it on an empty stomach, alkaline water will pass right through your stomach and into your intestines. Clinical testing of alkaline water shows that drinking alkaline water increases the pH of your stomach by .5 – 1 pH. Alkaline water does not trigger the production of stomach acid because water doesn’t need to be digested. Alkaline water can even neutralize some acidity in the stomach due to it's "Tum's effect". Clinical tests conducted in Japan showed that 88% of digestive upset sufferers reported partial or full relief of their symptoms by drinking alkaline water.

Alkaline water benefits your colon in two ways; it improves colon hydration and supports the growth of beneficial probiotic microflora. A growing body of research shows that many diseases begin in the gut. Those diseases are caused by harmful bacteria. Alkaline water helps support the beneficial probiotic microbes in your gut, and helps suppress the bad bacteria. A Life Ionizer also filters out the chlorine in your water that has been linked to colon tumors.

Parts of your digestive tract are pH sensitive, and that’s why alkaline water has an effect on your digestive health. The stomach and intestines are both pH sensitive, when their pH balance is healthy, when you eat, each organ triggers the release of enzymes that either help digest and absorb nutrients from your food. Alkaline water also has an important benefit for people who suffer from gastroesophageal reflux (GERD). It inactivates pepsin, the enzyme that triggers the damage of GERD. Drinking alkaline water may help stop not only the pain, but also the damage, from GERD.

A whole house water filter system intercepts chemicals in your water before they enter your home’s water system. This means no dangerous disinfection byproducts, toxic metals, or other chemicals. The best protection possible is wide spectrum whole home filtration.

The 'Dolphin' Whole House Filtration Systems

Life's Dolphin whole home filtration system uses state-of-the-art ion trapping technology to attract and trap thousands of chemicals. This means that you are protected from chemicals that you and your local water utility don’t even know are in your water!

Health Effects of VOCs in your water:

  • Damage to kidneys, liver, and/or central nervous system
  • Skin allergies
  • Cancers
  • Difficulty in breathing, can trigger asthma attacks
  • Nosebleeds, particularly in children
  • Headaches, nausea, irritation of the eyes, nose or throat.

Protect your home! Ask us if whole house filtration is the right fit for you.

Wholesale pricing available on order page.

Wholesale pricing available on order page.

Wholesale pricing available on order page.

Wholesale pricing available on order page.

Wholesale pricing available on order page.

Alkaline Water: An Investment in Health

In our modern world, water is on everyone’s mind. 

Not only is the majority of it on the planet polluted and acidic, but for optimal health we need half our weight in ounces every day. With so many municipal and regulatory issues it seems every source of water contains a chemical or contaminant… how are we supposed to trust the water we drink is not only safe, but optimized for our health in every way possible?

Watch the informational webinar about alkaline water and health 


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